September 10, 2011 archive

Atten APS3005 โครงสร้างภายในของเขาใช้ได้นะ

  Rated Output      Voltage 0-30V ( Adjustable  ) Rated Output    Current APS3005S-3D: 0-5 A            (Dual Channel and Adjustable) AC Input Voltage AC110V/220V,             60Hz/50Hz Display Precision ±0.5%rdg + 2digit Ripple and Noise ≤1mVrms Load Stability ≤0.01% + 3mV Display Resolution Voltage 0.1V, Current 0.01A AuxiliaryPower Voltage 5V AuxiliaryPower    Current 3A Protection Method Current-Limited                                          Lower Voltage Protection, Short-Circuit                                          Protection, …

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